Our impact on the environment and how will we deal with it

Economic, ecological and social success

We take our responsibility in protecting the environment and strive to minimize our impact on air, land and water. Therefore, we are actively committed to the efficient use of energy, water and raw materials. Our goal is to develop products that have the least possible impact on the environment during their lifetime.



The longevity of our products

Triflex's liquid plastic systems provide durable moisture and vapor protection for building structures. Our solutions significantly extend the life of buildings, helping to preserve value.

In addition, our products have a long service life of more than 25 years. This means that they often need to be renewed much later than other products, resulting in reduced environmental impact. As a result, renovation and repair work does not become necessary until years later.

Wondering exactly how we make a sustainable commitment? Watch the video!

What we do for the environment

Discover our environmental initiatives: what have we already accomplished and what are we committed to. Read more below!

    The Green deal

    The European Green Deal is an EU sustainability strategy with the goal of making Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050. This deal consists of a large number of measures in several areas, some of which affect us.

    Triflex & Green Deal
    A building indirectly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, leading to global warming. At Triflex, we recognize today's ecological challenges and have therefore developed a reflective and efficient roofing material. This innovation not only results in improved solar panel efficiency, but also reduces energy bills and simplifies maintenance.

    Life Cycle Analyses road markings

    In the context of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), it is essential to supply products and systems with a favorable impact on the environment. Triflex has therefore, in collaboration with a specialized institute, conducted Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for road marking systems. The LCA method looks at the entire life cycle of a product and provides insights that we can use to develop or modify our products to optimize their environmental impact. The use of life cycle analyses is integral within the broad process at Triflex.

    Raw materials

    As an internationally operating company, we value transparency and sustainability in our global supply chain. Thus, since 2017, we have also been participating in the "sustainability in the supply chain" pilot launched by the chemical industry. We want to use this to get a grip on topics such as environmental protection and the ethical and social standards and values of our suppliers.

    We carefully select and evaluate our suppliers in terms of sustainability to ensure the quality of the entire supply chain and improve it if necessary. Thanks to the external platform, EcoVadis, our largest suppliers are evaluated annually and we can verify that they can meet the minimum level, as described in our "code of conduct for suppliers.


    During manufacturing operations, very small emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released into the air. Volatile organic compounds are created by using carbon-based raw materials in manufacturing processes. Dust emissions result from the use of powdered raw materials, such as pigments and fillers. We have installed very powerful dust filters in all production areas where powdered raw materials are used. This achieves very low values in emissions, around 100 kilograms per year. Would you like to know more about the emissions from our plant in Minden? Then take a look at here our sustainability report (page 20).


    A manufacturing process involves the supply of raw materials. These raw materials usually involve a large waste stream. We take great care to ensure that the packaging/waste stream in which it is delivered is collected properly and can be recycled. Every day we take care of this separation and if possible the packaging material is reused for new raw materials or converted to sustainable energy. In this way, we now provide over 70% fewer waste streams from all packaging materials in our production processes!

    Production Factory Minden

    In 2018 is een geheel nieuwe fabriek gebouwd om ervoor te zorgen om op de meest energie-efficiënte manier te kunnen werken. Onze fabriek in het Duitse Minden is voorzien van de nieuwste en duurzaamste technieken. Zo wordt de restwarmte en de koeling hergebruikt en worden de productiecontainers op een milieuvriendelijke wijze gewassen zodat deze ook hergebruikt kunnen worden. Bij de bouw van de fabriek is er ook een modern energiestation gebouwd dat voorziet in de volledige behoefte aan elektriciteit. Met een zeer hoog efficiëntieniveau wordt jaarlijks voor ca. 1.200 huishoudens aan elektriciteit geproduceerd. Alle daarbij vrijkomende restwarmte wordt gebruikt ter ondersteuning van de productieprocessen in de fabriek.

    Herentals office

    Also at our office in Herentals, CSR is high on the list and we like to do our part. We also radiate this on the road! Meanwhile, 75% of our Triflex colleagues have a electric car and drive throughout Belgium and Luxembourg to visit customers, partners, events or projects.

    In addition, we have solar panels on the roof and our office has energy label A. Another nice initiative: all lighting in the office has been replaced with LED lighting. Furthermore, all sensors have been replaced by motion sensors, this way the light only goes on when there are people around. Efficient and you avoid a lot of energy waste this way! These initiatives have reduced our CO2 footprint in one year from 90 tons to 74 tons.

    Sustainability Data Sheets

    The products: Triflex ProDetail, Triflex ProTect and Triflex ProTerra have sustainability data sheets. These clearly explain the sustainable properties of these products, the removal/recycling process and which building certificates the products have.

    It also describes how we deal with health and safety in the workplace.

    Want to know more? View the fact sheets here:

    What we have already achieved


    New sustainable factory


    Led lighting, solar panels, energy label A


    CO2 emissions reduced by 16%


    Fleet for 75% electric


    Commit to "Join2Bike.


    Commit to "SportYves against Cancer.

    'We define sustainability as successfully combining our business activities with economic, ecological and social responsibility. We see sustainability as our duty to the generations of today and tomorrow.'

    - Kris De Backer

    Targets for 2025

    To make the above concrete, we have established the following environmental objectives:

    " alt="Monitoring the progress of our emissions against our reduction target">.

    Monitor our emissions progress against our reduction target

    " alt="Making the fleet more sustainable by replacing/adding electric cars (achieved)">

    Making the fleet more sustainable by replacing/adding electric cars (achieved)

    " alt="Plan transportation trips more efficiently">

    Plan transportation trips more efficiently

    " alt="Inventory the proportion of IBC containers sold per year.">

    Inventory the proportion of IBC containers sold per year

    " alt="Creating sustainable purchasing policies for office supply procurement">

    Create sustainable procurement policy for office supplies procurement