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Existing buildings consume a relatively large amount of energy compared to new construction. If you decide to proceed with a sustainable renovation, there are many gains to be made in this area.

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Sustainable renovation

By properly insulating the thermal envelope of your building; floor, facade and roof, you will go a long way. In doing so, the gallery floor is also important to consider. These are often built over living spaces, and are part of your building envelope.

By using insulating systems, you can transform your building to a higher energy rating. This not only saves money, but also directly increases the value of your property.

The Triflex BIS system

The Triflex BIS system, as an example, is a lightweight system that helps improve energy quality. The system insulates while sealing all details watertight and seamlessly. In addition to intensive surface sealing, a pressure distribution layer is applied. This not only insulates the underlying building component, but in combination with the Triflex BTS-P sealing system it also provides lasting protection. The system is characterized by its high quality and long service life.

This system also offers comfort: by means of insulation panels in different thicknesses, height differences are easily bridged. This is mainly a big advantage for elderly residents, who can continue to live safely at home this way.

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