Triflex Towersafe

Waterproofing with Triflex Towersafe

Wind turbines use the forces of nature and give us clean, renewable energy. During this process, the structure is under stress due to the constant movement of the turbines and exposure to high winds. Triflex has several solutions to combat wind turbine damage.

Triflex Towersafe

Triflex Towersafe is a waterproofing system specifically designed for wind turbines. Due to their exposed location and design, they are subject to exceptionally high loads. Because wind energy partially acts on the tower and foundation, cracks often develop in the foundation and moisture penetrates the structure through these cracks.

To prevent or remedy such situations, we have Triflex Towersafe specifically for wind turbines: a waterproof and flexible system built entirely to withstand extreme weather conditions for long periods of time. It provides a seamless encapsulation of the turbine, rotor blades, nacelle and all raised edges and details.

Multiple solutions

Triflex Towersafe is not only an excellent waterproofing solution for wind turbine towers and foundations, but is also a good choice for rotor blades, nacelles and transformer buildings. The weather-resistant waterproofing solution is available in a wide range of colors and with an optional anti-slip finish. The root and rhizome-resistant Triflex Towersafe is also suitable for use with earth-covered areas.

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