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White roofs

Nowadays, the issue of energy saving in buildings is a major challenge within our society. More and more actions are being taken to reduce CO2 emissions for buildings. A building indirectly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and thus to global warming. Triflex is aware of the current ecological challenges and has therefore developed a reflective and efficient roofing solution: Triflex ProSolar

'ProSolar provides a significant difference in the indoor temperature. After a test measurement, there was a difference of 18°C. This big difference shows the effective operation of the product.'

- Modest Vuegen

Why white reflective roofing?

  • Improved cooling performance
  • Adapting the indoor climate
  • Lowering the energy bill
  • Improved efficiency of solar panels
  • Protection of roofs and roof details
  • Easy maintenance

Triflex ProSolar

White roofs have a reflective effect. The Triflex ProSolar product ensures that solar radiation is not absorbed in the roofing but is reflected back. This in turn ultimately results in a better indoor temperature. More properties of the product are:

  • Curing in less than 30 minutes
  • Simple application
  • Excellent UV and chemical resistance
  • 100% adhesion to numerous substrates
  • Seamless

Triflex ProSolar

Maintenance and cleaning advice

With any roof, including white roofs, proper maintenance and cleaning advice is very important. If white roofs turn black over time due to pollution (for example, from algae), the roof will lose its function. If the roof is no longer white, it no longer has a reflective function and the indoor temperature can no longer be adjusted.

From Triflex, we have a Maintenance Advice Roofs and Roof Details drawn up, clearly explaining how maintenance should be done. After all, a good maintenance program ensures a permanently presentable and functional roof.

Project Reference

In a supermarket distribution center, the indoor temperature is very important. Not only for a pleasant working environment for the employees, but also for the quality of the products stored there.

So too at the distribution center at our northern neighbors. The temperature here was too high in the summer, which was unpleasant for the employees and caused the quality of the food (fruit and vegetables) to drop. So the biggest requirement from the client was to adjust the indoor climate. Triflex had a good solution for this particular problem: white roofs. Want to know exactly how this project went and what convinced the client?

White roofs in Beilen

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