How we treat our employees, customers and external parties

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We promote the well-being of our employees and their job satisfaction by being a good employer, where they have the opportunity to share knowledge and experience in a pleasant working environment. Cooperation is central within Triflex, both with our employees and with clients and customers.

The people within Triflex

An essential aspect of our sustainability approach is attracting and retaining talented employees. The foundation of our success rests on motivated employees who go the extra mile every day. We invest in training and development to ensure that all of our employees continue to develop their own talents. We also place great importance on the health and safety of our staff. We not only provide a safe working environment, but also strive to achieve the right work-life balance.

What we do for our people

How do we treat our employees? What about with partners and customers? Read more below!

    The Triflex Culture

    Collaboration is one of the crucial competencies within the Triflex team. In our small and dynamic team, there are several times when close cooperation is required. In this team everyone is ready for each other, and as a company we attach great importance to the continuous growth and development of our staff.

    The organization

    We want to encourage our employees to live a healthy lifestyle. A healthy(er) lifestyle reduces the risk of illness and promotes their well-being.

    In addition, we have developed a training budget and a new competence management system, in which the learning goals of each employee are closely monitored so that there is plenty of room for growth . We also hold an employee satisfaction survey, in which everyone can anonymously express their feelings and thoughts. In this way, we look at how we can further improve the working environment. Finally, we also have an internal confidential advisor who, where necessary, is available to everyone. A safe working environment is paramount to us, which is why we have a zero-tolerance policy. A zero-tolerance policy means that no violation of that particular rule is allowed.

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    Our Partners

    At Triflex, we go beyond simply providing high-quality products. Our commitment to quality extends to our relationship management, where we emphasize unparalleled support for all of our partners. Our sales and business development managers are actively involved in the entire process, from the drawing board with architects to final delivery with the client and Triflex applicators. Together with our office colleagues, they ensure that we meet all the client's wishes and needs. In this way, together with our partners, we want to contribute to sustainable solutions.

    Our clients

    To guarantee our quality at all times, Triflex systems are applied exclusively by certified applicators. The quality of our solutions is highly dependent on the way the systems are applied.

    Throughout the year, our customers have access to the Triflex Academy, both on site and in our Herentals office. Here our technical advisors enthusiastically share their professional expertise, keeping everyone up to date with the latest technical developments. Besides the well-being of our own employees, we strive to contribute to the well-being of our customers. Working safely is central on the shop floor, during these training courses we go into detail on how to work safely with Triflex. Our technical advisors are also on hand to be present at every step of the application of our systems and provide the necessary support. At Triflex, we like to go that extra mile!

    Safety and ethics

    That safety is also a spearhead on the shop floor is evidenced by the fact that in Herentals we have a person in charge of first aid and a confidential advisor.

    As an international company, we are responsible, within our spheres of influence, for upholding human rights and ensuring that our business activities do not violate them. This is not an issue for us and we expect the same from our business partners around the world. More information can be found in our Ethics Policy (pagina 30) en in onze Code of Conduct (pagina 31).

    'Triflex is a very nice company to work for. Employee development at Triflex is high on the priority list'

    – Frédéric Wrobel

    Triflex BE uiteten

    Team Building

    We believe that a strong cohesive team is "the key" to success. That's why we organize numerous outings every year to foster workplace togetherness.

    Some activities:

    • Online cooking workshops
    • Enjoying Christmas markets
    • Factory visit Germany
    • Annual Triflex BBQ
    • ProVélo

    With our team building activities, we aim not only to strengthen team spirit, but also to do our bit for society. Every year we cycle together with our partners to raise money for charity.

    Curious about this action? Then please here a look.

    Inspiring the next generation

    We believe that the next generation is of great importance to our organization. Young talent is an essential part of the long-term sustainability of our company. Throughout the year, we at Triflex offer our Triflex Academy. With the recognized certification in your pocket, we are proud to teach you how to work (safely) with our Triflex products. This takes place in our training room in Herentals or on location.

    Targets for 2025

    To make the above concrete, we have established the following objectives:

    " alt="Ensuring the safety of customers working with our products.">

    Ensuring the safety of customers working with our products.

    " alt="Improve and maximize the skills and knowledge of our employees.">

    Improve and maximize the skills and knowledge of our employees.

    " alt="Gain insight into our employees' work experience and steer where necessary.">

    Gain insight into the work experience of our employees and steer where necessary.

    " alt="Boosting the energy, motivation and resilience of our employees. ">

    Stimulate the energy, motivation and resilience of our employees.

    " alt="Enhancing the talent and skills of our employees.">

    Strengthen the talent and skills of our employees.

    " alt="Fostering a safe corporate culture among our employees.">

    Foster a safe corporate culture among our employees.