Sustainably protecting parking garages

The right protection for every parking garage

With Triflex, proper sealing and surface protection in parking garages is a given. Triflex systems prevent leaks in parking decks because details and large surface areas are finished seamlessly and watertight. A perfectly sealed parking deck that is also protected against extreme weather conditions, dirt and wear and tear as well as lasting for years.

‘Voor meerdere parkeerlocaties zijn we overgegaan naar de systemen van Triflex, omdat we overtuigd zijn van de impact op onze duurzaamheidsambities.’

– De Clercq, projectmanager parkeervoorzieningen

Insulating and rideable

Increasingly, parking decks are being realized on roofs. This option places high demands on the sealing system. Leaks, for example, are disastrous for your building. Triflex has systems in its range that not only achieve a seal on the parking roof that is driveable, but also include insulation and a pressure distribution layer in the overall structure.

A safe look

By combining different colors and pictograms on floors and walls, you achieve a crowd-friendly and safe garage. Our extensive range of colors ensures that the markings match the current color scheme of the parking garage or contrast with the existing colors.

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Sustainably protecting parking garages


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