Protecting monuments for years to come

Triflex is a proud partner in monument preservation. We enjoy contributing to the preservation and conservation of monuments. After all, it is important that monuments stand the test of time. We do not shy away from any challenge. Triflex offers materials that seal, repair cracks and level surfaces.

Sealing and protection of monuments

The preservation of monuments often requires specific solutions. Liquid-applied systems are ideal for renovating these often ancient structures or parts of them such as gutters, facades and walls. The flexibility creates a completely seamless whole that fully adheres to the substrate and follows any complex shapes effortlessly. The multi-applicable systems are easily workable, have fast curing, are UV resistant, root resistant and hydrolysis resistant. The sealing systems provide a hermetic seal between the various materials already present.

(Fire) safety

Safety is additionally paramount. This applies especially to monuments that are visited and thus walked on. In these cases Triflex provides an anti-slip layer. After all, it is important that visitors can enter the monument without danger of falling. In addition, we try to avoid the risk of fire. The Triflex ProDetail and Triflex ProFibre systems are cold-processable and therefore the risks of fire are completely avoided, unlike when working with traditional roofing materials, as tools such as gas burners are often used.

Inspection and advice

Triflex always begins with an inspection of the (concrete) substrate. When necessary, Triflex performs core drilling, adhesion tests, moisture and hardness measurements. A structure that has deteriorated must first be repaired. Sealing without addressing the cause is only a temporary solution. Then we recommend the right Triflex system. And because quality and service are inseparable, only approved applicators work with our products. In this way we work on sustainable solutions through customization.

Features of Triflex systems

Most Triflex systems are based on Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). The properties of PMMA ensure perfect sealing of monuments. Listed below are some of its most important properties:

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