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Infrastructure solutions

Our sustainable products and systems can be used to renovate bridge decks, bike paths, walkways, platforms, pedestrian crossings, emergency signage and asphalt, among others. Moreover, the products cure quickly, allowing the renovated piece of infrastructure to be used again in no time!

'The Triflex WAS system provides a robust, abrasion-resistant and aesthetic wear layer that will last for many years again'

- Davy Verswyvel

Bridge Decking

Dirt and green deposits can cause bridge decks, walkways and decks over canals and water bodies to become slippery in wet conditions. To prevent accidents, Triflex offers a solution here with the Triflex WAS system.

The Triflex WAS system is a coating that ensures its wear resistance and anti-slip through careful construction of the system. Because the liquid resin is sprinkled in (up to even 5 mm) it makes skidding and slipperiness virtually impossible. Because of its wear resistance and skid resistance, this system is also used in situations with (bicycle) traffic, on (subway) platforms and on bridges, among others.

Triflex WAS system

Asphalt repair

Triflex Asphalt Repro is a fast-curing mortar that is particularly suitable for filling drill cores or repairing holes and potholes in asphalt. The mortar is very durable, has excellent adhesion, and its rapid curing allows for reduced inconvenience to traffic. The product is resistant to alkaline substances and is surface leveling. In addition to repairing asphalt, the material is also used for bonding roadside blocks to the underlying polyethylene mat.


  • Sustainable
  • High compressive strength
  • Flexible
  • Available in concrete and asphalt color
  • Cold applicator
  • Workable from 0°C

Triflex Asphalt Repro

Extra wear resistant

Some surfaces are subjected to such heavy loads that skid resistance diminishes before the road surface wears out. Consider traffic circles, for example, where a continuous stream of traffic rotates on them. Over time, wear and tear at certain points can create dangerous conditions. Triflex offers a solution with the Triflex wear layer. This gives the road surface an extended life. It is quick to apply, requiring only a very short road closure.

Triflex wear layer

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