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Triflex STEPS

Triflex STEPS staat voor Sustainable Together for the Economy, Planet, and Social area. With this website we would like to present our sustainability initiatives in the areas of economy, environment, people and projects. We like to show what steps we have already taken and will take in the future. Together we can move forward, so let's be sustainable together!


Future steps Steps taken

Economic, ecological and social success

For us, success is closely linked to a sense of economic, environmental and social responsibility. This includes taking a critical look at our own operations and how we are committed to corporate social responsibility.


Electric vehicle fleet (Belgium)


fewer waste streams from all packaging materials (Follmann Group)


tons of CO2 footprint in 2021 (Follmann Group)

+25 years

longevity of our products (Follmann Group)

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as the new global agenda to lead global concerted efforts to achieve specific goals in sustainable development by the year 2030.

    Good health and well-being for our employees and users of our products

    We consider good health and well-being important for our employees and customers. We want to encourage our employees to lead a healthy lifestyle. This reduces the risk of disease and promotes their well-being.

    In addition to our own employees, we also care about the health of our customers. Therefore, we subject all our products and applications individually to strict quality controls, including ISO certification, CE marking and external audits.

    With our products, we promote sustainability cities and communities

    With a lifespan of more than 25 years, our products have a significant impact on the sustainability of cities and towns. Considering our environmental footprint as a responsibility to future generations is of great importance to us. Therefore, we consider resource conservation during our production process and strive to avoid environmental pollution.

    Climate action with a focus on our own organization and the chain in which we operate

    In 2020, in collaboration with The Sustainable Advisors, we analyzed our emissions and set goals to reduce them significantly. In this way, we contribute to reducing the global ecological footprint.

    Corporate social responsibility is not something you do alone

    By establishing partnerships, we strive to achieve our goals and contribute to the promotion of sustainable development.

    Sustainable projects with Triflex solutions

    In addition to human, environmental and economic sustainability initiatives we believe it is very important that our products and systems contribute to the sustainable built environment.

    All projects

    Waterproof with Triflex Towersafe

    Energy-saving roofs

    Insulate and sustainably protect

    Sustainable road markings

    Infrastructure solutions